New Omnichannel Release for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Chatbot Support, Mobile Engagement and Enhanced Agent UI

Easily integrate chatbots with escalation to live agents

Using the Microsoft Bot Framework and our simple APIs, you can easily integrate chatbots within CaféX Live Assist™ for Dynamics 365 to improve customer service and reduce the need for human assistance. Customers can seamlessly escalate a chat session from a bot to a human agent without switching channels or repeating details, as customer context is preserved across the journey. You can also set up chatbots as virtual agents in Live Assist to take advantage of performance reporting, supervisor monitoring and other features.

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An example customer using a tablet

Bring live in-app support to your mobile customers

Our developer toolkits for Android and iOS platforms make it simple for your business to drop live assistance features into mobile applications. The latest release helps you provide a consistent Live Assist experience across web or mobile applications and create easily customizable campaigns to engage customers with relevant content. With a simple tap from their preferred mobile devices, customers can initiate live chat sessions with bots and agents. Agents can also view customers’ applications, co-navigate, draw annotations, push files and interact in other helpful ways to drive faster problem resolution.

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Improve agent productivity with user enhancements

With the Cosmos release, agents can be even more productive in Dynamics 365. Agents now have an expanded view of customer context within a single pane of glass to view chat information, pre-chat survey results, navigation history and other details. Agents can also configure audible and visual notifications when new chats arrive. Shortcut keys provide quick access to private messages, chat transfer and canned messages grouped by category. Agents can also associate contact records with active chats and manage multiple chats more easily for increased effiency.

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Is your business examining omnichannel solutions for online service & support? Are you looking into chatbot solutions for Dynamics 365 that facilitate seamless escalation to live agents? Do you need to set up online campaigns whereby reps can engage customers intelligently at the point of transaction? Have you considered co-browsing and other forms of remote visual assistance to improve customer satisfaction? Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can address these questions and much more.

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