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Seamless Voice & Video Escalation, Expanded Analytics + BOT Enhancements


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In addition to the features & functionality of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365, our latest release ensures seamless voice & video escalation and also provides expanded analytics as well as BOT enhancements; here are the details: 

Reduce customer effort and personalize engagement with seamless chat to voice & video escalation
Agents can now escalate chat & co-browse sessions from within Dynamics 365, into either a one-way or two-way voice or video call, across any browser and without the need for any special downloads or plugins.
Accelerate sales with support of omnichannel capabilities for Dynamics 365 for Sales
Agents can now not only create cases, but also opportunities, leads and custom entities (e.g. registrations) with rich context, all seamlessly integrated within Dynamics 365.
Automate customer engagement and improve agent efficiency via new bot integration capabilities
Agents can now delegate routine and transactional requests to BOTs thereby saving agents precious time for higher value customer requests. BOTs can transfer sessions back to the agent on completion of their tasks.
Resolve problems faster at lower cost with the ability for agents to co-browse
Conduct live screen-sharing sessions with customers - even when the engagement is initiated over a traditional PSTN channel - improving resolution time and customer satisfaction.
Customize offers and improve service and sales using transcript API
Customers can leverage the new transcript API to not only access chat transcripts but to analyze the data and better understand customer intent, buying patterns and take measures to improve quality of service and drive sales.
Meet compliance and security standards
Mask sensitive customer data, such as login credentials and credit card numbers, and ensure privacy policy compliance, e.g. PCI, PHI, PII, etc.

We’ve also responded to customer demand for a la carte pricing for co-browse only so please contact us to inquire further if that is a requirement for your organization: MSLiveAssistSales@liveassistfor365.com

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