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Chatbots and live in-app customer service for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Bot Integration

Assist customers live from anywhere

  • Bring your own chatbots and escalate to live agents with context 
  • Text chat with website visitors and mobile app users
  • See what they see, co-browse and share documents
  • Maintain a unified view in Dynamics 365 USD and web clients

Provide customers with more immediate and personalized support within your company’s mobile applications and web pages. CaféX Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps agents resolve issues more quickly to increase customer satisfaction through an immersive chat and co-browse experience.

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Omnichannel is at the heart of any successful customer engagement solution – Jujhar Singh, Corporate Vice President, MS Dynamics CRM

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Resolve issues in real time

  • Proactive chat is now only a click away
  • Transitions are seamless between chat and co-browse
  • Remote support is as effective as in-person experiences

With Live Assist, contextual customer information is provided prior to chat interactions, giving agents a holistic preview of visitors’ history, preferences and purchases. Award-winning co-browse technology allows agents to see and remotely operate customers’ mobile apps and web pages, draw annotations, push files and fill out forms for faster and more effective support.

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Secure and compliant visual engagement

  • PCI compliant secure form protects customer data
  • Sensitive customer data can be masked while co-browsing
  • Document sharing is secure

With Live Assist, personally identifiable information, such as credit card numbers, can be collected and stored independently using a PCI secure form. During co-browse sessions, any sensitive fields within the customer’s mobile app or web page can be masked. Agents can also push files securely to ensure compliance with corporate privacy policies.

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